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Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai hamba-hambaKu yang telah melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri (dengan perbuatan-perbuatan maksiat), janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah, kerana sesungguhnya Allah mengampunkan segala dosa; sesungguhnya Dia lah jua Yang Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani. (Az-Zumar:53)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Du'a on Arafah Day.

One of my friend, was chosen to go to Mecca in Hajj Season last time. We work under same company that help the people to go for Hajj and Umrah.

Last time, when she was there- in Mecca, I ask her to recite my dua' that I have wrote on a paper. At the times I was writing the dua', I just thinking of my family in this dunya and hereafter. I dont think about the marriage and with whom I want to marry. But, without a deep thinking in my head, I just wrote at the last sentence of the dua', may Allah grant me with a good spouse that I love and Allah love.

Then. In the moment that my friend still at the Mecca, one day, I feel that I want to see my soulmate even at that times, I dont have any special relationship with guy. The feeling had comes into my heart. Then. I just repeate the dua'-may Allah give me chance to see my man on that day. I am also keep the Istighfar in between the dua'. 

On the same day, in the evening of the day, I just stop my car at a place to drop my sister at school. At the moment, a man had cross in front of my car. And my mum which sitting behind me said, the man who cross in front of my car is like you. She says that, every second she saw the man, she can see me on him. Also, same goes to my sister. She said the same thing as my mum. I am just keep silence. Dont want to think much.

After that, I saw that person frequently. But I dont have any chance to talk with him. And after a few month, he says that he refuse to know me.

I just keep praying for the best in me and on him.

May Allah grant us with Jannah.

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